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  Key Features

  • Extended temperature range up to 200°C
  • Higher Energy rating than comparable SiC Ceramics
  • Higher continuous Power rating
  • Large variations of different mounting arrangements
  • Dimensions and electrical values can be modified to customer requirements
  • Free of charge design service including technical drawing to international standards

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General Information

HVR Silicon carbide varistors are composed of approx. 90% silicon carbide of various grains and approx. 10% ceramic binder and additives.

After shaping, the varistors are sintered at high temperatures in specific ambient conditions. The electrical contact is manufactured by spraying on a metal layer. The electrical connection is by soft soldered tinned copper wires.

The HVR SiC varistors have good voltage dependences and high energy absorption. They are manufactured mainly as discs with varying sizes, as the required electric values are most easily obtained with these geometric dimensions.

One of the most advantages of a SiC Varistor is the behaviour in the case of a fault. It has a self-healing characteristic and doesn´t shorten the circuit.

Advantage of HVR SiC products

  • Varistor dimensions can vary in a wide range. Customer specified dimensions are possible.
    We are not limited to rund discs, we can also produce square and rectagular format varistors
  • If required we also support with metal housing in IP00, IP22 and also GfK-presspack
  • SiC ceramic has generally a selfhealing caracteristic. This means the varistor is evaporating the failed part oft he ceramic. Now he is protecting the circuit against further impulses with slightly reduced energy parameters.
  • The temperature stability of our ceramic is higher as the ceramicof our competitors. This is a result of over 70 years of developement in our company. Our SiC ceramic can bear the following temperatures:
    • Continuous 180°C
    • Short time 220°C
    • In case of failure up to 600°C
  • We have testet our ceramic and also the one of our competitos in al long duration test with load under a temperature of 200°C. This has shown that our ceramic withstand this conditions at least 2 times longer as the others.
  • Much higher current pulses possible with our products, our ceramic can also protect against lightning impulses