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high performance ceramic varistors and  resistors

Varistor for High Impedance Differential Relay
Ceramic Compound Resistor
SiC for Generator De-Excitation
Ceramic Compound Resistor

What Else?       HVR International Varistor Technology

Our knowledge in  SiC and Si-Metal ceramic  goes back to the 1940’s . All raw materials used in our Varistors and Resistors are of  highest quality and permanently controlled.  Our visions are:

  • Being No. 1 for our customers in reliability

  • Being No. 1 for our customers with the best lead time

  • Being No. 1 for our customers with the best technical support 


What  more besides ?      Professional Disposal

For minimal costs HVR offers a professional disposal for defect or disused old Varistors and stacks independent on the manufacturer. Please contact us for further information.