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FAQ Page2017-03-29T13:31:07+02:00
Do you have a price list?2017-11-16T14:18:49+01:00

No, we don’t have a standard price list. Since the variation of our product is often related to customer requirements we do not publish a price list.

How stable are your prices?2017-11-16T14:17:50+01:00

It is our target to keep our prices stable. We try to intercept small changes on prices for raw materials and energy costs.

Which freight forwarder do you work with?2017-11-16T14:16:47+01:00

Our standard freight forwarder is DPD.

What are your standard shipping conditions?2017-11-16T14:15:25+01:00

Our standard conditions are ex works.

Are you qualified to any standards?2017-11-16T14:04:25+01:00

Yes, we are qualified to ISO9001-2015 including development.

How do you test your products?2017-11-16T13:56:59+01:00

All products are 100% tested according to our internal specification. A detailed test procedure is available in our download section.

Are your products tested to international standards?2017-11-16T13:54:41+01:00

There are no international test procedures available for the SiC varistors and Si Metal resistors. For customized tests please contact us.

Do you manufacturer other values apart from your standard range?2017-11-16T13:53:30+01:00

Yes, for all product ranges we can offer customized solutions.

How can we prove the quality your products?2017-11-16T13:22:36+01:00

For new customers or new applications we send samples for testing and qualification if required.

Are you working on new developments?2017-11-16T13:20:51+01:00

Yes, we are permanently working on the improvement of our technology. This can be by testing new raw materials but also by changing the design to achieve better performance.

Do you support your customer developments?2017-11-16T13:17:14+01:00

Yes, our philosophy is to work very close with our customers. This also includes our support on new developments of our customers.

How long will it take to get a design?2017-11-16T13:15:21+01:00

In most cases it takes about 1-2 days. If it is more complex it can take slightly longer.

Are there any charges in your design service?2017-11-16T13:13:13+01:00

No, as mentioned in several product pages on our web page we do not charge for this service.

What is part of the design service?2017-11-16T13:11:44+01:00

According to your requirement (electrical data’s) we calculate and design the most cost effective HVR product. The design will be send to you including drawings, technical details and price information.