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HVR history

HVR history


The company C. Conradty was founded in Nuremberg for producing pencils


New product line arc-lamps for cinema projectors was started


Start of Production of Graphite Electrodes for steel melting


Production begin of Carbon and Graphite Specialities


Welcome To HVR International

Our extensive programme includes the ideal component for your application.
We develop and manufacture parts according to your specification.
Our Testlab will assist to select the best solution for your application.

  • Metal Ceramic Resistors (High Load, Non Inductive Compound Resistors)
  • Silicon Carbide Heating Elements (High Temperature Resistor Heating Elements)
  • VDR – Silicon Carbide Varistors (Non-Inductive Compound Resistor, voltage dependent for high
    and low voltage application)
  • Metal Oxide Varistors (voltage dependent resistors on a Zinc Oxide basis)

The HVR Group

The HVR Group of resistor technology companies comprises three manufacturing divisions.


  • HVR International Limited, located in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, UK,
    specialises in Linear Ceramic Carbon Resistor
  • HVR Pentagon Limited, located in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK,
    manufactures a wide range of Wire Wound Power Resistor
  • HVR International GmbH, located in Roethenbach, Bavaria, DE,
    specialises in Nonlinear Silicon Carbide VaristorZinc Oxide Varistor
    and Metal Ceramic Resistor

Meet Our Team

Ralf Vespermann
Ralf VespermannCEO
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