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SIC Serie 40/45

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  Key Features 

Extended temperature range up to 200°C
Higher Energy rating than comparable SiC Ceramics
Higher continuous Power rating

Large variations of different mounting arrangements

Dimensions and electrical values can be modified to customer requirements

Free of charge design service including technical drawing to international standards


Please find here all discriptions as pdf


Same as other HVR disc sizes the Series 40 can be assembled with a large variation of contact materials. It can be mounted in stacks with parallel connected flags or with cooling fins to increase the continuous power and reduce the cooling time. Some examples can be seen on the pictures above.
Apart from the standard range we can also offer dimensions and values to customer requirements.

  • General overvoltage protection caused by lighting, inductive or capacitive load
  • Protection in switch contacts with inductive and capacitive loads
  • Limiting overvoltage in motor and magnet coil application

Main specifications

Other dimensions and electrical values are available on request

Voltage range: 8 … 1100V
Pulse Current: up to 30000A (Pulse counts not limited)
Operating Temperature Range: – 40 … 180°C at full load / – 40 … 220°C at zero load (Tested in liquid nitrogen in corporation with the Georg-Simon-Ohm Technical Highscool Nuremberg)
Typ. Temp. Coefficient approx.: – 0,05 %/ K of voltage
Specific Heat Capacity approx.: 1,01 J/ (g x K)
Thermal Conductivity approx.: 0,009 W/ (cm² x K)
Inductance: This is negligible (nH) and the varistor may be described as non-inductive

  • Silicon Carbide Varistor Disc Stack parallel
  • Silicon Carbide Varistor Disc Single Disc Stack